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FITness Leggings


Let us introduce you to our elite, ‘best in class’ exercise leggings…. for the serious athlete and those serious about comfort, style, fit and durability.

Fitness is no fun without FIT.

The structure of our leggings has been painstakingly engineered and uncompromisingly road-tested. Multiple precision tweaks were made during the research and development phase – thanks to both 3D modelling and real-time wearability trials.

FITness for purpose.

Our leggings fit perfectly on each part of your legs, waist & hips, independently and collectively – without one compromising another. No more embarrassing riding up, or constant sagging. They are engineered to hug your body specifically at each point, providing you with the highest level of comfort and shape.

One size fits NOone

We believe this wholeheartedly & so have scientifically developed our proprietary sizing system, with more size options and measuring in all the correct places.

Quality over quantity.

Fabric breathability plays a big factor in comfort and indeed, fitness for purpose. You need to sweat but you don’t need to be sweaty or sticky. Our meticulously selected high quality cotton blend fabric fits perfectly due to the cut of our garments and some ingenious internal fusing. Naturally fitting – and no need for stretchy oil derived synthetics.

Fit for the planet.

Yes, we also take our impact on the environment seriously. Not just sustainability of materials and manufacturing ethics, but in the deliberate longevity of each product, reducing unnecessary consumption and waste of resources.

One function. One item. Perfectly fit for purpose.

And thus the dual chamber mask was born. The concept was new and shiny. No mask anywhere offered the dual chamber.

Through helpful neighbours I was introduced to someone who runs a successful handbag manufacturing business in Cape Town. This started to open doors. I met people who could take my ideas and create basic patterns and produce proto-type masks.  As the designs became more complicated and refined, new people with different skills entered the picture.

I needed to produce an accurate pattern. I contacted the University of the Western Cape for referrals as they run a pattern making course. To my surprise I learned that there are not many pattern makers available. Luckily the lady did have the name of a colleague who she had worked with before and who is now running her own business.

This lady became an integral part of the final product.  At our first meeting she said that it would take about 3 meetings for the mask to be ready. Seventeen meetings later we are still perfecting our designs.

So what has taken so long?  Patterns were designed. Proto-type masks were made. I would take them home to my family and friends to try for size and comfort. I would not settle for anything but perfect. We would then make adjustments and repeat the process. We have over 70 proto-type masks sitting in the office…

Because of the constant changes I decided I had best learn to sew! I could then make the changes myself and take the adapted mask back to be refined and the patterns changed. Here I was, in my 40’s, learning to use a sewing machine and learning about different materials and how they work. It took me a whole day just to set up the sewing machine!

A year later (March 2021) I knew it was time to launch. The fruit of twelve months’ worth of work, with the input and effort of numerous people, needed to make its debut.

Working with a wonderful marketing expert, our logo, brand packaging, photo shoots and more all come together to give JUST BREETHE air.

Our selected materials keep with our ethos of sustainability and longevity of the planet.