Air Mask – Sage Black




BREETHE freely and enjoy the respiratory benefits of oxygen in and CO2 out – as nature intended. Created to help everyday life feel as normal as possible. Better body function, better headspace.

Made from 55% hemp 40% cotton linen. 3 Layer protection


Hemp Luxe Air Mask – Made with Sustainable Hemp

Created to help everyday life feel as normal as possible.

This 3 layer face mask is washable, reusable, comfortable and extremely breathable.

Featuring a two chamber design with a breathable mesh insert for maximum airflow and increased breathing comfort.

Assists in easing the feeling of claustrophobia which could be caused by not having access to fresh air whilst wearing a mask.

Further benefits include the 70% reduction of fogging up experienced by those wearing glasses whilst wearing a mask.

Soft, comfortable fitting strap specially designed for increased comfort whilst wearing a mask for long periods of time.

Made from hemp/cotton linen which is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.

Hemp is an environmentally conscious, renewable resource

Design benefits:

Easy Breathing 

Two chamber face mask featuring a mesh insert for easy breathing and the reduction of rebreathing CO2

Easy Comfort 

Soft ear loop. Soft nose and lip fabric

Easy Protection 

Anti-bacterial and Hypo-allergenic Hemp

Inspired in Switzerland – Proudly hand-made in Cape Town, South Africa

– Non-Medical Face Mask

– SGS Tested

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